5 Steps to Take If You Have a Custom Glass Project

Interior of a bathroom featuring a glass shower door and bathtub.

From display cases and handrails to European shower doors and tub surrounds, custom glass proves to be the perfect addition to any interior space.

Take a look around your home. A lot of the glass elements in your house could be prefabricated. Many houses have builder-grade mirrors, pre-made windows, and other glass solutions. However, not all glass is created equally, and not all projects are created equally. 

Many projects require custom glass solutions since prefabrication options with certain specifications aren’t available. By custom ordering for your custom glass project, the result will turn out exactly like you pictured it or, perhaps, even better!

But what does the custom glass project process look like? What steps are involved in getting the custom glass of your dreams?

Continue reading to find out.

5 Steps to Take for Your Custom Glass Projects

Glass is one of the most commonly used materials in architectural design and decor. It is a versatile material and can be used to enhance privacy, improve security, and create a particular aesthetic. 

Regardless of how you use glass in your property, quality glass represents an investment in any project you take on. It’s important to take the necessary steps for all of your custom glass projects to preserve the integrity of your vision. Here’s what you need to know:

STEP 1 — Dream big.

You have a plan, an exciting design made up in your head. Or maybe you aren’t that far in the process and don’t know precisely what you want, but you have the start of an idea. This is your first step in making your custom glass project come to life.

Either draw out your ideas or write out the characteristics you want out. If you don’t even know that yet, don’t worry. Grab your computer or phone and search the internet or websites like Pinterest for inspirational pictures. 

Check out the Instagram pages of your favorite design teams and start gathering examples of what you know you like. In addition to what you do like, pay attention to what you don’t like. That is as helpful as knowing what your preferences are.

STEP 2 — Find a trusted professional to work with.

Working with a knowledgeable professional who offers state-of-the-art glass fabrication capabilities is imperative to make your glass project as striking as it is functional. There are a few key characteristics any vendor should have:

  • Established — The glass fabrication industry is packed with a lot of competition; however, not all companies are worth working with. It is essential to go with a company that has established itself as a go-to, trusted company and offers superior customer service and products.
  • Reputation — Custom satisfaction is crucial and a reliable indicator of the type of company they strive to be. Their reputation will tell you a lot about their service standards and the quality of their products.
    With a bit of research, you’ll learn whether or not they stay on schedule, how they handle problems during production or installation, and how they communicate. Chances are, if they meet a certain standard with past clients, it’s more likely that they’ll do the same for you.
  • Capabilities — A glass company worth hiring will have a wide range of capabilities that allow them to give clients a finished product that exceeds their expectations. A company that offers custom glass solutions requires them to gather the correct dimensions, cut and shape glass correctly, and install the piece for a flawless look.

Once you find someone that meets your standards, the fun begins!

STEP 3 — Review your ideas and make up drawings.

STEP 3 — Review your ideas and make up drawings.

Now that you’ve found your trusted and experienced glass professional, you can move on to one of the most important and exciting steps: review your ideas, make up drawings, and refine your design with your building professional. 

It might be easy to skip this step because you have an idea and you’re ready to execute. However, this step in the process is essential to the engineering and aesthetic of your vision. To ensure every component of your design is produced, installed, and depicted accurately, taking the time to make sure everything is accurately detailed with your contractor is crucial. They help come up with any necessary custom glass solutions.

You’ve already put your design down on paper or at least gathered inspirational pictures. Now, you are able to work with your glass professional and refine your ideas. They will help you figure out what is possible and potentially even further your ideas and design.

This is where your professional will take a look at your budget, finalize the design and aesthetic, inspect the space, and take accurate and precise measurements. This step irons out any kinks in the plan and helps minimize the chances of mistakes later down the line. 

STEP 4 — The building stage.

Next is the building stage, a very exciting part of the process. This is where things start a mess, but slowly (or quickly, depending on the size of your project), things will come together, and your vision will come to life.

This step in the process will look different for every glass project. Sometimes, demolition of some sort is required to make your vision come to life. Are you adding custom glass handrails throughout your home? Before you have your beautiful new handrails installed, you’ll need to have the old ones removed. 

In some cases, demo is simple, like removing an old railing. Or, in other cases, it might be more involved, such as removing a pony wall. The space will usually get messier before it starts coming together. So, if that’s the case, don’t lose hope; it does get better!

A lot goes on behind the scenes during the demo phase. This is when your glass pieces are fabricated and manufactured. It’s normal for custom designs to take more time and skill than something that’s mass-produced.

STEP 5 — Assembly and the finishing touches.

Once your glass components and necessary fixtures are prepared using custom fabrication processes, they are then ready to be installed and completed. Each of the pieces is properly and carefully fitted using the necessary technique and equipment.

Creating a complete project may require several steps for your professional, such as installing a frame, adding fixtures and hardware, and more. During this time, it’s important to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. So steer clear of the work zone by enforcing safety protocols,  and allow your professional to get the job done. 

Once the installation has been completed, your professional will clean up and do a walk-through of the project to ensure all of your expectations are met.

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