3 Reasons To Try Glass Cabinets

You use your home to communicate who you are to your guests and loved ones. The way you finish and decorate your home is an extension of your personality and values. There are countless ways for you to change the interior of your home to better communicate who you are and to make your home a better reflection of what you want. 

What methods have you used to personalize and upgrade your home to meet your taste? Paint, texture, textiles, window treatments, fixtures, and artwork are standard ways you can liven up your home to create the feeling you desire.

At New Concept Glass Design we’re known for using our glass expertise to help clients like you create something special in their homes. Today we’re sharing three reasons our clients choose glass cabinets to update their home’s exterior. 


The main reason clients come to us for help with new glass front cabinets is because they’re looking for better display in their kitchens. Many clients are the proud owners of gorgeous heirloom china sets, unique vases, precious artwork, or lovely matching dinnerware. Glass cabinets allow you to safely store these features while displaying them for everyone’s enjoyment. Open shelving has become popular, but glass cabinets are much more secure against bumping or falling.


Utilizing glass on your cabinet doors, whether in your kitchen, bathroom, or other storage areas can give the eye further to travel. When your eye can see into a cabinet, it creates the illusion of more space. If you feel your kitchen or bathroom is cramped, you can automatically create a feeling of spaciousness and air by swapping out regular cabinets for glass front cabinets. Some clients also add lighting inside their glass cabinets to further illuminate the space for dramatic effect.


The fastest way to freshen up and add flair to a kitchen or bathroom is to add glass cabinet doors. It’s a change that you can make without a remodel or enormous budget but will add substantial style. You can also get more personal by adding patterned paper or painting funky colors in the interior of the cabinet for an eye-catching surprise. You can also switch out or rearrange the contents of the glass cabinets so that there’s always something new to enjoy, from flowers to holiday decorations to your kid’s artwork. Glass cabinets can become your own personal gallery.

Stand in your kitchen or bathroom and take a look at your cabinets. How would they look with a glass front? Would you remember the beautiful dinnerware you inherited and be more inclined to use it? Would it help you keep your linens more organized? Glass cabinets can be a breath of fresh air for outdated builder-grade cabinets, and a way to introduce more style and space to your kitchen or bathroom. New Concept Glass Design can refresh your bathroom or kitchen cabinets with stylish glass front cabinets within your budget.