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Custom Glass Countertops: Answers to Your Top Questions

Glass countertops enhance your home’s decor

Custom glass countertops can give any kitchen a modern, high-end look. With dramatic beauty, amazing durability, easy maintenance and a vast range of design options, it’s easy to see why northern Utah homeowners are embracing this interior decorating trend.

If you’re thinking about replacing your existing counters, glass is an excellent alternative to granite, marble, quartz or ceramic tile. Here, we answer the need-to-know questions about custom glass countertops to help you decide if they’re the right choice for you.

Do Custom Glass Countertops Scratch?

The tempered glass used for countertops is heat-resistant and remarkably durable – really, it’s just as strong as natural stone and engineered counter materials. It’s tough enough to withstand most impacts, but scratches can appear. However, if you don’t cut directly on the surface and avoid sliding items across the counters, scratching is much less likely.

Will People See the Clutter in Your Kitchen Drawers?

Don’t worry – your kitchen clutter won’t be on full display. A substrate, typically stainless steel or aluminum, is placed beneath the custom glass. That way, the beauty shines through, but no one sees the insides of the drawers.

How Do You Clean and Maintain Glass Countertops?

Cleaning couldn’t be easier. Simply wipe the counters with a damp sponge or cloth, and the surface will look spotless. And, since glass is non-porous, germs and bacteria cannot hide on the countertops. In regards to ongoing maintenance, you only need to keep the surface clean – no special sealant is required.

What Are the Custom Design Options for Glass Countertops?

With the myriad customization options available, glass countertops allow for unique, showstopping style. You can choose a single tint, a mixture of colors or even an original handcrafted painted design. Textures — including bubbles, ripples and waves – can also be incorporated, and you can opt for unique edging. You decide on the finish as well, and if you like, you can add backlights under the surface or around the edges.

Do you have other questions? For expert answers and advice on custom glass counters, turn to the award-winning artisans at New Concepts Glass Design.

When it comes to customized, handcrafted glass, homeowners in the greater Salt Lake City area and throughout northern Utah trust New Concepts Glass Design. As a local industry leader for more than 30 years, we’re known for top-quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. We take a personalized approach to every project – with us, your design dreams can become a reality.

If you’re ready to upgrade your kitchen counters, contact our West Valley City, Utah, office and schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss custom glass countertops today.

European Shower Doors – Debunking the Myths

european shower door myths

Frameless glass or European shower doors are all the rage in northern Utah, and for good reason – they’re a sleek, modern and affordable way to brighten and open up any bathroom.

If you’re researching this type of home upgrade, don’t believe everything you read or hear. Many false facts are floating around, and much of the misinformation seems to be coming from manufacturers of traditional shower enclosure products. To ensure the truth gets out there, here we debunk four of the top myths about European glass shower doors.

Myth: European Shower Doors Shatter Easily

Many people say that frameless shower enclosures are dangerous – if you suffer a fall, the glass is likely to shatter.

The truth? Manufacturers design European glass enclosures to be incredibly strong and sturdy. Plus, tempered glass is used, which is quite difficult to break. On the off chance the panels or doors do break, they won’t splinter into sharp, jagged shards. So, the risk of injury is extremely low.

Myth: European Shower Enclosures Leak Water

Another falsehood about frameless glass showers is that they’re prone to leakage – the lack of a frame leaves plenty of room for water to escape.

The truth? Leaks only occur in poorly-designed or improperly installed European glass enclosures. Hire a highly-skilled artisan with extensive expertise in frameless glass showers, and you won’t have to worry about water leaks.

Myth: European Shower Doors are Difficult to Clean

A disadvantage of installing a frameless glass enclosure, many misinformed sources say, is the difficulty in cleaning – you’ll need a lot of elbow grease to get rid of the soap scum.

The truth? Use a squeegee after each shower and wipe them down with a microfiber towel and a natural cleaner on a weekly basis, and the glass enclosure will always look its best. Or, to get a sparkle with even less work, apply a protective coating designed to repel water spots and soap scum.

Myth: European Shower Enclosures are Too Expensive

Installing a frameless glass enclosure costs an arm and a leg – or so many sources would have you believe.

The truth? The project price depends upon the configuration and custom design options you choose. Many locally-owned businesses – including New Concepts Glass – have competitive pricing for glass shower design and installation. And, when you consider how a European glass shower enclosure increases your home value, installing one is a worthwhile investment.

Whether you decide to install European shower doors or a framed glass shower enclosure, working with a highly-skilled artisan is the best way to bring your bathroom dreams to life. If you live in northern Utah, call on the award-winning professionals at New Concepts Glass.

An industry leader throughout the greater Salt Lake City area for more than 30 years, New Concepts Glass offers superior handcrafted custom design – with us, you can have a one-of-a-kind shower enclosure that meets your needs and matches your style.

Contact our Sandy, Utah, office and schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss framed glass enclosures and European shower doors today.

Custom Glass Ideas for a Buzzworthy Home Bar

custom glass home bar

Custom glass can take your home bar to the next level, impressing your family and friends as much as your mixology skills.

Whether you’re a socialite who loves concocting new drinks for your gal pals or a guy who wants the ultimate man cave, incorporating customized glass is a great way to create an eye-catching home bar that sets your friends and family abuzz. Below are a few of our favorite design ideas.

Custom Glass Bar Top

A customized glass bar top can transform an ordinary home bar into a jaw-dropping focal point.

A unique painted design or interesting etching, along with a specialty edge, can be just the thing to set off the space and make it the perfect gathering spot to share some wine or grab a few beers with your best buds. And a handcrafted glass bar top is more than just a conversation starter – it also offers easy cleanup after a round of drinks.

Custom Glass Cabinets

Every home bar needs ample room to stash bottles, glasses, stemware and other accoutrements – and most of the time, bars are a little lacking in storage space.

Instead of installing run-of-the-mill cabinetry to hold your barware and liquor bottles, consider customized glass cabinets. Choose a tint that coordinates with the rest of the room or go with a textured or painted design to keep everything out of sight. Either way, you’ll end up with plenty of storage – and plenty of personal style.

glass home bar

Custom Glass Wine Cellar

For the seasoned wine collector, the typical home bar doesn’t provide enough space – or the right conditions – to store all the vino.

A customized glass-enclosed wine cellar is the ideal solution. French doors, picture-window styling or specialized design can highlight your impressive collection, while also providing optimal storage conditions for your hand-picked wines. With a custom glass-enclosed wine cellar as part of your home bar, you’ll show off both your personal style and your passion for wine collecting.

Not all customized glass is created equal. Many vendors say they offer custom design, but actually work from a book of templates. For a truly personalized approach – one that results in an original, one-of-a-kind design that showcases your individuality, turn to the award-winning artisans at New Concepts Glass.

As a northern Utah industry leader for over 30 years, New Concepts Glass has a well-earned reputation for exceptional handcrafted custom design, top-notch craftsmanship and superior customer service. Along with custom bar tops, cabinets and glass-enclosed wine cellars, our artisans also design customized shower enclosures, handrails, countertops, backsplashes, table tops, skylights and much more.

For details on our services, or to schedule a free, no-pressure consultation to discuss your custom glass options for a buzzworthy home bar, contact New Concepts Glass in Sandy, Utah, today.

4 Reasons Interior Designers Love Glass Table Tops

glass table tops interior design

High-quality glass table tops can enhance the look of your home, as any interior design professional will tell you. Glass tables are a tried-and-true home décor staple, and one that never goes out of style.

If you’re ready to add a truly unique design feature to your home, consider the reasons why design professionals love decorating with glass tops.

No. 1: Versatility

Whether your taste leans toward modern, traditional, contemporary or any other interior design style, custom glass tables are a great choice. They fit seamlessly with any home décor, and a custom-designed table top can either act as a focal point or play a supporting role when you redecorate. And, you don’t even have to use an actual table base – the glass can be supported by an architectural column, tree stump, antique trunk or anything else that’s stable.

No. 2: Illusion of Space

Custom glass table tops aren’t just versatile – they also make a room look much larger and more open. Interior designers love to use glass in small living spaces, as the illusion of added space it provides helps them appear uncluttered. Plus, the see-through surface also puts the focus on other home décor elements like area rugs and artwork.

No. 3: Customization

The sky’s the limit with custom glass table tops. Choose a shade or tint that perfectly matches your northern Utah home décor, or add an interesting texture, etched design or edging for a boost of style and personality. Custom painting is another option for table tops – and going this route with an experienced local artisan guarantees uniquely beautiful results.

No. 4: Ease of Maintenance

Wood furniture needs to be polished regularly if you want to maintain its appearance, and let’s not even talk about what happens when someone doesn’t use a coaster. Glass tables, on the other hand, can be cleaned in almost no time – simply wipe with a microfiber cloth or use a spritz of mild cleanser and a paper towel, and the job is done. And as making sure everyone puts their drinks on coasters? That isn’t even necessary.

Are you interested in incorporating glass table tops in your northern Utah home interior design? The highly-skilled, award-winning artisans at New Concepts Glass have the talent and expertise to create handcrafted custom glass tables that perfectly accentuate your living spaces.

A regional industry leader for more than 30 years, New Concepts Glass is known for providing the finest handcrafted glass in northern Utah. Along with table tops, we also design custom countertops, cabinet doors, backsplashes, shower enclosures, wine cellars and hand rails. Custom painting is one of our specialties, and homeowners and businesses in the greater Salt Lake City area turn to us for gorgeous, high-quality windows, skylights and glass doors.

For more information on our services, or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss custom glass table tops with one of the New Concepts Glass artisans, contact our Sandy, Utah office today.

Custom Glass Shower Door Design Guide

Custom Glass Shower Door Design Guide

Custom glass shower doors can highlight the beauty of your bathroom and boost the value of your home. But, deciding on a design that fits the space and expresses your personal style can seem a bit daunting.

Rest assured, when you work with experienced artisans – like the skilled professionals at New Concepts Glass – the design process is much easier. When you set out to plan your custom glass enclosure, your artisan will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind design that brings your bathroom visions to life.

Want to know what to expect before you begin your bathroom remodel? The following custom glass shower door design guide explains the basics.


Types of Glass Doors for Shower Enclosures

Choosing the right glass doors for your bathroom space will depend upon the size and placement of the shower. Several options are available, including:

Bypass doors – or sliding doors – are best for enclosing a standard bathtub, but can also work well for alcove showers.
Pivot doors require unoccupied floor space, as they swing open on hinges. This door type is often used in corner showers and glass enclosures with narrow openings.
Round doors also swing on hinges, but their curved design creates more space within the shower. These doors are a good choice for large bathrooms that have corner or alcove showers.

For some bathroom remodels, installing a walk-in glass enclosure – without doors – can be a smart design idea.

Narrowing Down Your Shower Door Options

As you mull over your door options, you’ll need to figure out which type is the most practical choice for your bathroom shower.

Functionality is essential – the glass enclosure you design must work well within the space. Structural specifications should also be factored into your choice. If your bathroom walls aren’t structurally sound, for example, or if they lack studs in the right spots to support shower doors, you’ll need to consider your options carefully.

Choosing a Style for Your Custom Glass Doors

After practicality comes style – the fun part of designing custom glass shower doors. You can customize your enclosure in many ways, including:

  • Tint – Custom glass can be tinted to any shade, allowing you to choose the ideal look for your bathroom.
  • Texture – Shower panels and doors can have an etched, frosted or dimensional design for privacy and style.
  • Personality – Experienced artisans can also add unique painted designs for a truly original appearance.
  • Hardware – The choice of handles, hinges and other hardware is up to you, so you can easily incorporate the glass enclosure with your bathroom décor.

If you want to design custom glass shower doors that enhance your bathroom and express your individual style, you’ll need to work with a highly-skilled and experienced artisan. In northern Utah, the award-winning artists at New Concepts Glass have the talent and expertise to help you create a glass enclosure you’ll love.

As a Salt Lake City area industry leader for decades, New Concepts Glass is known for providing high-quality handcrafted design, top-notch craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. For a free consultation to discuss custom glass shower doors with one of our professional artisans, contact our Sandy office today.

Custom Glass Cabinet Doors to Complement Your Kitchen Style

glass cabinet doors

Replacing your old, worn wood cabinetry with custom glass cabinet doors can brighten up your kitchen, giving it a fresh, open look that complements your unique style.

The quality and craftsmanship of custom-built doors are far superior to prefabricated cabinetry. And, with the wealth of choices available, you can create kitchen cabinets that truly reflect your individual personality.

With New Concepts Glass, the design possibilities are endless. Our professional artisans will guide you along in creating the ideal custom cabinet doors to enhance your kitchen style. Get ready to make some tough choices, though, because you will have many options to consider.

Etched Glass Doors

Cabinet doors with an original grooved design etched into transparent glass allow you to display your kitchen treasures – and the etching injects a dose of personal style into the space. Geometric patterns are popular for kitchens, but you can also choose to give your cabinets a more abstract look.

Tinted Glass Doors

Tinted glass adds a modern touch to a kitchen, and you can select the perfect shade to enhance the space. Go with one of your home décor colors, or make the cabinets a focal point by choosing a tint that stands out.

Painted Glass Doors

Tinting isn’t the only way to turn the focus on your kitchen cabinets – painted glass gives you cabinetry with eye-catching artwork. The style, design and colors used are completely up to you, so your imagination is your only limit.

Frosted Glass Doors

Frosted glass can bring openness and a touch of softness to your kitchen, while also obscuring the contents of your cabinets. Doors that are frosted can also be etched with intricate designs or custom-created patterns for individual style.

Textured Glass Doors

A textured design makes kitchen cabinets stand out from both a visual and tactile point of view. The surface is designed to create the illusion of dimensional structure, and the reduced transparency helps to hide everything inside.

At New Concepts Glass, we don’t work with templates – we create handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces. Our highly-skilled, award-winning professional artisans have the expertise and talent to design custom cabinet doors that bring your kitchen dreams to life.

An industry leader for more than 30 years, we’re known for producing the finest handcrafted custom glass in Northern Utah. In addition to cabinet doors, our talented artists create unique, custom-designed backsplashes, countertops, tabletops, wine cellars, shower enclosures and more.

New Concepts Glass offers free consultations to homeowners in Salt Lake City and throughout northern Utah. If you want your kitchen to showcase your individual style and personality, contact us to explore your options for handcrafted custom glass cabinet doors today.

4 Custom Glass Trends to Consider for Your Utah Home

The bathroom is a popular setting for custom glass – who doesn’t love the idea of replacing the shower curtain with a uniquely beautiful framed enclosure or European shower doors? But bathrooms aren’t the only spaces you can transform with eye-catching customized glass.

In fact, custom glass can bring character and style to any room in your Utah home, dramatically changing both the look and feel of the space. If you want to breathe new life into your home décor, consider these on-trend interior design updates.

No. 1: Custom Glass Backsplashes

Customized glass backsplashes are one of the hottest trends in kitchen design, and for several good reasons. The surface is not only super easy to clean – much more so than ceramic tile, natural stone or stainless steel – but also super tough, fabricated to resist heat and withstand impacts.

The design possibilities are endless. You can choose a pattern, texture and color that perfectly matches your kitchen style. Or, opt for a one-of-a-kind painted backsplash for a unique interior design focal point.

No. 2: Custom Glass Countertops

Not ready to switch out your kitchen backsplash? Customized glass countertops offer the same design impact, boosting the aesthetic appeal of the space and adding a distinctive touch.

Custom countertops are also ideal for your bathrooms. No grout means less grime, and the solid surface doesn’t show fingerprints. Keeping the bathroom countertop clean and sanitary is easy – a quick wipe down does the job.

No. 3: Custom Glass Deck Rails

Does your deck offer a stunning backyard view? Unlike wood railings, customized glass deck rails won’t hide the incredible scenery – even the mounts are designed to blend right in with the surroundings.

Customized rails can also add to the appeal of your indoor living spaces. Framing stairways and second-story catwalks with glass handrail systems is becoming a popular trend, as it opens up your interior views and makes your home seem larger and more elegant.

No. 4: Custom Glass Table Tops

Customized glass isn’t just for permanent home installations like backsplashes, countertops and handrails – one-of-a-kind designs also make for excellent table tops.

Tinted, textured, etched, painted or shaped glass can highlight an interesting antique or artistic wood base, giving it more prominence within the home décor. Or, you can support the surface with a simple base to virtually enlarge the space. And, since they can be used inside or outside of your Utah home – such as on a patio or deck –custom table tops are incredibly versatile.

Whether you’re remodeling the bathroom or intrigued by these cutting-edge trends, working with a highly-skilled artisan is the best way to create an original design that truly reflects your personal style.

With decades of experience serving the greater Salt Lake City area, the award-winning artists at New Concepts Glass have a well-deserved reputation for high-quality handcrafted design, exceptional craftsmanship and stellar customer service. For more information, or to explore your custom glass options, contact our Sandy, Utah, office today.

European Shower Doors: Everything You Need to Know

European Shower Doors: Everything You Need to Know

European shower doors are the ideal choice if you’re looking for a sleek, modern – and affordable – bathroom upgrade. Also known as frameless glass showers, Euro-style shower installations are becoming increasingly popular among northern Utah homeowners. Learn more about European shower enclosures so you can decide whether a frameless enclosure is a right choice for your bathroom.

Advantages of European Shower Doors

Installing a Euro-style enclosure can turn an ordinary bathroom into a stunning, spa-like retreat. Frameless glass showers offer a light and airy look, visually expanding the space. And, the design style allows homeowners to fully show off custom stone or mosaic tile walls.

In addition, European showers have few nooks and crannies for soap scum and hard water stains to build up. So, they’re not only easier to clean than framed shower doors, but also pose less of a risk for mold and mildew.

As is those weren’t enough advantages, a Euro-style shower enclosure also instantly boosts the value of a home. Framed glass showers also increase home value, but often not to the same degree.

European Shower Door Design

Design expertise is essential for Euro-style shower installations. Without proper skill and knowledge, frameless glass enclosures are prone to leaking.

To avoid leaks, Frameless glass showers need doors that fit perfectly and have no gaps. Also, the showerhead and drains must be carefully positioned. Understanding how to create a leak-free design plan takes years of experience – and not all northern Utah glass shower installers have that.

If you want to make sure your enclosure doesn’t spill water on your bathroom floor, you’ll need to choose a glass contractor with a successful track record of leak-free Euro-style shower door design – like the professional artisans at New Concepts Glass.

Are European Shower Doors Right for Your Bathroom?

Frameless glass showers require custom design and fabrication in most cases. Although Euro-style shower enclosures come in a few pre-cut sizes and shapes, customization allows for the best use of the available bathroom space.

In addition, thicker glass and extra-sturdy hardware are required for Euro-style installations, as they don’t have frames to hold them in place.

Although frameless glass showers cost more than framed enclosures, the high-end look of a European shower is beyond compare and no other bathroom upgrade offers the same level of luxury. And, when the time comes to sell your home, you are likely to recover a significant portion of your investment, making Euro-style installations well-worth the price for many homeowners.

The best way to determine whether a Euro-style shower enclosure is the right choice for your master or guest bathroom is to meet with a local glass design expert. If you live in the greater Salt Lake City area, schedule a consultation with the award-winning artists at New Concepts Glass.

As a northern Utah industry leader for more than 30 years, New Concepts Glass is known for exceptional handcrafted custom design and superior customer service. We can provide you with a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind bathroom upgrade, regardless of whether you decide on a stylish framed shower or elegant frameless doors. To explore your options for custom glass showers and European style doors, contact us today.

Designing a Custom Glass Wine Cellar for Your Utah Home 

Designing a Custom Glass Wine Cellar for Your Utah Home 

A custom glass wine cellar is the ideal showcase for your wine collection.

Why choose a prefabricated refrigerated unit that hides your wine, when you can have a uniquely beautiful creation to store and display your impressive collection?

At New Concepts Glass, we take a collaborative approach to design. While we’re uniquely qualified to advise you regarding the location, construction, style and features of your wine cellar, every home and homeowner is unique.

We want to help you create a glass-enclosed wine cellar that suits your individual style and increases the value of your home.

Assessing Your Glass Wine Cellar Needs

The design process of your custom glass wine enclosure starts with a conversation about your needs. We’ll talk about your bottle capacity, your storage preferences and your project budget. This information is crucial, as it allows our artisans to create a truly custom cellar design that fits your budget and personal style as well as it fits your wine collection.

As we assess your project needs, we will evaluate the location where you would like your wine enclosure is to be installed. The size and location of the cellar may affect certain aspects of the design, and our artisans will need an opportunity to examine the installation space.

Considering Your Design Options for a Custom Glass Wine Enclosure

Now comes the fun part – exploring your many design options.

You can design your custom glass wine cellars with a seemingly endless range of possibilities, and we’ll need your input to create the ideal enclosure for your wine collection. Among other design elements, we will explore your thoughts about features such as these:

  • French doors
  • Picture-window styling
  • Custom etching
  • Painted glass
  • Textured glass
  • Custom tints

If you already own wood or metal wine racks that you’d like to incorporate, our team will work with you to select design options that enhance the beauty and style of your racks. Or, if you’re looking to remodel an existing storage space or design a new cellar, our expert artisans can help you source premium wine racks in materials that accentuate a custom enclosure.

Installing Your Glass Wine Cellar

Once we have all of the information we need, we’ll get to work preparing a formal wine cellar design and cost estimate. Once you have a chance to review the design, we can make any modifications to the plans, based on your input.

When you’re happy with the glass wine enclosure design, we’ll plan the installation schedule. All you have to do is ensure that we have a clear working area and we’ll work our magic.

If you’re interested in a custom glass-enclosed wine cellar for your home, contact the professionals at New Concepts Glass. Our highly-skilled, award-winning artisans can create a gorgeous, handcrafted enclosure that holds and displays all of your treasured wines.

As an industry leader for over 30 years, New Concepts Glass is known for providing the finest handcrafted custom glass in Northern Utah. In addition to wine cellars, Salt Lake City area homeowners and businesses turn to us for glass shower enclosures, custom glass handrails, handcrafted tabletops, custom-designed backsplashes and painted glass.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss the design of your custom glass wine cellar.

Glass Shower Doors vs. Shower Curtains: A Comparison 

glass shower doors

Are you considering installing glass shower doors at your Utah home, to replace a traditional shower curtain?

We’ll admit, some shower curtains are lovely. And, many homeowners like the added texture a curtain can bring to the bathroom. But, for many reasons, glass shower doors are a great investment. They’re also the best way to bring an elegant, high-end look and feel to your shower. But are they really better than a shower curtain? Here’s why we think so.

Glass Showers Make Bathrooms Look Larger

Hanging curtains makes a bathroom look cramped. Glass showers provide the illusion of space, which makes the room feel lighter and brighter. The openness gives a spa-like feel to any bathroom – an effect you definitely can’t get from a curtain.

Glass Showers Eliminate Drafts

Even if your bathroom is warm, you can expect some chilly drafts if you hang a shower curtain. Opt for a glass-enclosed shower instead, and you won’t have to suffer through drafts – and you won’t ever end up with a plastic curtain liner stuck to your leg.

Glass Showers Are Watertight

No matter what type of liner you use – and no matter how careful you try to be – you will have some spillover sooner or later with a shower curtain. If you’re tired of leaks and puddles in the bathroom after showering, install glass-enclosed shower – they’re designed to be watertight.

Glass Showers Let in the Light

Unless you have a sizeable window inside your shower, you could be showering in the near-dark if you use a curtain. A glass enclosure lets light into the space, so you can easily see what you’re doing.

Glass Showers are Easy to Clean

Curtains are notoriously difficult to keep clean. After a couple of weeks hanging in the bathroom, they start to get dusty on the outside. On the inside you know exactly what the soap scum, mold and mildew accumulation does to the liner. Liners can be cheaply replaced or throw in the washer, but the curtains themselves may need professional cleaning.

Shower doors are super simple to clean – just squeegee after every use and wipe down any stray smudges with a microfiber cloth.

Glass Showers Offer Durability

Curtain designs go out of style, and the material can wear out over time. And, of course, you have to replace the liners on a regular basis. Shower doors are a better investment, as they’re designed for durability and enduring style.

Glass Showers Increase Home Value

Today’s home buyers want modern bathroom features. Install a glass enclosure, and you’ll increase your home’s value. When the time comes to put your property on the market, your shower doors will enable you to command a higher price. And buyers will be drawn to the beauty of a glass enclosure, especially as compared to a curtain design they don’t really like.

Have we convinced you to choose glass shower doors over a shower curtain? If you’re ready to update your bathroom, the award-winning artisans at New Concepts Glass can help you create the perfect glass-enclosed shower to suit your personal style.

Having served the greater Salt Lake City area for more than 30 years,

New Concepts Glass has developed a reputation for high-quality workmanship, exceptional handcrafted design and stellar customer service. If you want expertly-installed custom glass shower doors, contact our Sandy office today to schedule a consultation.